Who are we?

We are a sales and distribution company for healthy food and organic products from top suppliers in Egypt, USA and EU.

With a wide range of suitability for all different diets. As well we are providing consulting services regarding healthy food recipes for each diet system and different cases.

We started in 2013 as a nonprofit Health awareness organization, and we made many campaigns in clubs, schools, kindergartens and through the social media channel until we started to provide our services as a profitable company alongside our social responsibility towards Healthy life concept. Currently, we are about to start a healthy food kitchen to provide healthy meals suiting all kinds of different customers.

Our vision

To disseminate and publicize healthy food life concept and provide products with competitive quality and price.
Objective To provide a customer care service taking into consideration our scientific and ethical concept by caring about the different customer’s healthy cases and diets. To be through our social media channels as a reference for every different healthy diet with its own recipes, and providing the related consulting services and medical instructions. To provide Healthy foods for all ages with a variety of styles and prices.

Our Services

  • Medical Consulting Services.

  • Flexible delivering of natural products and Healthy fresh Meals inside and outside Egypt.

  • Engagements and discussions through social platforms. Making campaigns, seminars and participating in Food events.