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كمبوتشا خالي من الجلوتين  Eat Good Kombucha - Eat Good - Egypt
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LE 105.00
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Kombucha - fermented tea Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been consumed for thousands of years. Flavors for kombucha are either herbs without sugar  Chamomile - mint - hibiscus rose - hibiscus cardamom - ginger - turmeric O...
Kefir Egypt - Eat Good - probiotics - colon - kombucha Kefir - Kumbucha Egypt - Eat Good لبن كيفر
LE 105.00
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Kefir Description: kefir prepared from cow milk Kefir is an important source of protein, Vitamin C, and Zinc. It boosts your immunity system. kefir contains probiotics that help your digestive system. Make sure to drink...
De nigris apple cider vinegar De nigris apple cider vinegar
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 APPLE CIDER VINGER: Organic raw apple cider vinegar can really be called one of nature's most perfect foods. Made from fresh organic crushed apples, which are allowed to mature naturally in wooden barrels. -Rich with benefici...
Kefir Egypt - Eat Good كيفير جوز هند
LE 145.00
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vegan Kefir coconut milk  Description:  It is a good option for anyone following the keto diet, vegan diet, gluten-free  It's full of good bacteria which help the colon to get rid of gases and bad bacteria and improve digestion...
Sauerkraut classic ساوركراوت كلاسيك - Eat Good - Eat Good Sauerkraut classic ساوركراوت كلاسيك - Eat Good - Eat Good
LE 165.00
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Sauerkraut classic sauerkraut It is a group of vegetables that help digestion, especially with animal protein and eggs It is used as a side dish with animal protein such as meat, chicken, and eggs to improve digestion and abso...
Reef bread Egypt - Eat Good مكونات خبز ريف الصحي - Eat Good
LE 60.00
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Made in Jordan - Bread made of whole wheat and chia seedsthe ingredients :Whole wheat flour, wheat bran, chia seeds, sea salt, natural yeastNumber of pieces 8Shelf life: 2 weeks, 1 month in the fridge and 6 months in the freez...
Bob’s Red Mill Organic Gluten Free Quinoa Bob’s Red Mill Organic Gluten Free Quinoa
LE 315.00
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Description: The mild flavor of quinoa makes it ideal for pilafs, soups and salads, and it takes very little time to prepare. It’s a nutritious alternative to couscous and white rice in many recipes. Why bring a boring side to ...
Gluten free quinoa arabic bread
LE 40.00
In stock
4 pieces  weight: 300 g Ingredients:  yeast - sugar - salt - water - rice flour - quinoa flour -  rice bran oil. Available to deliver in Cairo and Giza. when it's out of stocks it takes 2 days to be delivered.
Abu Auf white Quinoa 400 g
Abu Auf Red Quinoa 400 g
Abu Auf Tri-Color Quinoa 400 g
Tiba gluten free & corn free flour with quinoa Tiba gluten free & corn free flour with quinoa
Colon friendly

Products that make you feel good contain probiotics (good bacteria for your gut) and prebiotics ( the food for these bacteria to grow).

What good bacteria do in your body?

1- decrease bloating, crumbs, diarrhea, constipation, and any bad feeling in your colon.

2- boost your immune system.

3- boost your mood by increasing the serotonin hormone.

4- Make your skin looks better and healthier.



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